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About me

Kristine Heebøll, born 1975.   Violinist, composer.


Ass. Professor at Danish National Academy of Music, Esbjerg (folk music department)


Danish Music Award : Composer of the year folk/world 2019

I have been taking part of the Danish and international folk music scene since 1993 as musician, composer, teacher, band leader, arranger, theatre musician, member of boards and artistic researcher.


Since 1993 I have played concerts in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Neterlands, Austira, England, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Iceland and Japan.


I perform solo and with bands.

I teach and talk.

Please feel free to contact me.

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I have been living and breathing folk music

for my whole life.

Playing, dancing, singing, teaching, having new ideas.

Danish is my language.

Folk music is my music.

Artistic research / Kunstnerisk Udviklings Virksomhed

Folk Music

in big ensembles


Storspil i folkemusik



& dance

Start up phase 




article about the history of the word folkemusik in Denmark